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Great Massage Chair, Uncomfortable Recliner!

The RIO is an excellent Massage chair. I was very pleased with that aspect. I wish they included a description of the preprogrammed massage options along with their time duration. There is very little information included with the documentation provided. As a relaxing recliner it is disappointing. I find it very uncomfortable to spend any time, other than for a very good massage, in this chair. Buy it as an excellent massage chair that doesn't need it own room sizewise, but not to use as a recliner.

Very Good Chair

My 20 year old chair broke so I bought this one. I like it a lot and think it is a great value. This is their least expensive model so it doesn't have everything their more expensive chairs have. Any shortcomings I mention are not complaints. I got what I paid for. It does almost everything you would expect. The chair looks good and does not look cheap. I wish I had bought one that massages my calf area. They suggest not leaving it plugged in. I wish there was something to wrap the cord around since it can't be tucked under the chair. The waist area is a bit snug so make sure you can fit in it. I compared warranties since some chairs I researched had repair issues and getting a chair to a technician is almost impossible. This was one of the best warranties I have seen. Overall, I do recommend this chair.

Love the Massage, But...

The massage features exceed my expectations in my first use. Very deep and very thorough! Its use as an all-purpose recliner does not.

One hour after it was delivered (it only took 3 business days to get here!) I had unpacked it and placed it in my living room. Half an hour after that I had completed my first programmed massage. It was heavenly.

I then sat in it for the rest of the day and again the next morning before determining that it will not replace my rocker recliner. It is too lumpy and too confining for lounging in for hours.

So I am disappointed but not dissatisfied. It's a great little massage chair and a good recliner for occasional use.

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