Yukon-4D Massage Chair

Relaxonchair Yukon 4D Massage Chair


Perfect Relaxation with The New 4D Massage Technology

An innovation in design and technology, bridging the gap between human and robot. Live in luxury and bliss with the comfort of the Yukon-4D.



Curbside: $5,999.00 $10,499.00

    The YUKON-4D Special Features

    Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

    Voice Recognition

    • The chair has some built-in Voice Commands to give more accessibility and convenience to the user.
    • Activate it by speaking the words: “Turn on speech recognition mode.”
    • The other voice commands are listed on the back of the remote control.

    4D Massage Mechanism

    • Experience the full range and depth of the 4D rollers as they push in and out.
    • Designed to feel human-like with variation in depth and speed.
    Yukon-4d Newly Designed J-Track

    Newly Designed J-Track

    • A newly-designed track in conjunction with 4D technology
    • It is straight in order to let the mechanism fit to the contour of the human body.
    • Allows for deep tissue and decompression massages along the back and buttocks.
    Yukon-4D Heating Therapy

    Heating Therapy System

    • Heating no longer comes from heating pads.
    • It is instead applied directly from the rollers themselves, giving heat to massaged areas.
    • Heating rollers are located in the back and foot.

    Zero Gravity Position

    • There are 3 stages of Zero-Gravity.
    • Designed to distribute pressure throughout the body, and improve blood flow.
    Yukon 4D Massage Chair Air Massage

    Full Body Air Massage System

    • A total of 76 airbags are located on the chair.
    • Covers the shoulders, back, waist, hips, arms, thighs, calves, and feet.

    Body Adjustments Using Airbags

    • Made to adjust hips and waist location during massages.
    • Useful for the rollers to hit the waist and back at different angles, much like human hands could.

    Wave Motion Arm Massage

    • Airbags inflate in wave motions, creating a gradual pressure along the length of the arm.
    • The airbags are lined with pressure points in order to improve blood circulation.

    Independent Leg Air Massage

    • Both the calves and feet inflate independently.
    • Instead of squeezing both the calves and feet simultaneously, there is a bit of relief and breathing room, letting you relax even more

    Auto Footrest Extension

    • Able to accommodate most heights with footrest extension
    • Automatic extension up to an additional 8 inches.
    Yukon-4D Massage Chair Space-Saving Design

    Space-Saving Design

    • Designed to only require only 2 - 3 inches of clearance from the wall.
    • The chair moves forward as it reclines, saving excess space in the back.
    Yukon-4D Massage Chair Quality Materials

    Quality Materials

    • Made using Genuine Leather
    • Built to last with a capacity of 320 lbs
    Yukon-4D Massage Chair Bluetooth Speakers

    Bluetooth Speakers

    • The chair comes equipped with Bluetooth speakers located near the head.
    • Listen to your favorite podcasts and artists while receiving a massage.
    Relaxonchair Yukon-4D Massage Chair

    YUKON-4D Full Body Massage Chair (Black)