RELAXONCHAIR Customer Reviews

massage chair customer reviews

We believe in an honest review policy. Period.

That means every single review our massage chairs receive are 100% completed by our customers with no bribery and not by a motivated reviewer. All our reviews happen organically and truly by the inclination of those whose lives have been changed by Relaxonchair.

Online shopping has been a revolutionary tool utilized by companies all over the world that makes products accessible and information at one's fingertips. But at the same time, unreliable sources and fake information could be spread to drive sales at the expense of consumers.

Relaxonchair stands by wholesome morals, and considers it our mission to make our online shopping process as informative, trustworthy, and easy as possible. With a 5-star rating on Walmart and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, over 250+ answered questions and 160+ customer reviews, there is no way to bluff amazing reviews as these. Amazon is a certified online seller that millions of business utilize and compete for as consumers visit these online stores every day. Every review on our Amazon page is a from a “Verified Purchase” which means this review is authentic and real as the customer left a review after ordering, receiving and using their product for a period of time before volunteering to write an honest review. 


RELAXONCHAIR has never deleted any reviews!

The ones you see are the ones we see. As a seller, we have the right to argue some customer reviews if it is along Amazon’s policy and have them removed but so far we have never deleted any of our customer reviews and hope to keep it that way so as long as it is not inflammatory, degrading or unrelated to the quality of the product.

relaxonchair massage chair reviews