ION-3D Massage Chair

Relaxonchair Massage Chair


Reach New Heights with 3D Massage Technology.

A massive innovation to produce more effective massages. With true 3D massage technology, users can adjust depth of massage rollers from your back to either create very intensive massage experiences or softer massage experiences.



Curbside: $3,299.00 $4,999.00

The ION-3D Special Features

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

True 3D Massage Mechanism

The traditional Massage chairs have a 2D massage mechanism. The massage mechanism travel up & down on the track giving you consistent massage intensity. Because the distance from the roller to your back is constant, only way to increase the intensity is by increasing the speed of roller movement.

With 3D massage mechanism, the distance between rollers and your back can be adjusted. You can have the roller come up closer to your back or pull away from your back. This allows more precise intensity control of your back massages without increasing the speed of the roller movement.

Relaxonchair massage chair 2nd Generation SL Track

2nd Generation SL Track

  • Ergonomically re-designed to match your entire back for perfect back massages
  • Industry's Longest SL Track
  • Covers from your lower head to upper thigh area (Depends on upper body length) to your buttocks
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

2nd Generation Intelligent Body Scanning

Our enhanced body scanning function scans your body every time when you start the massage sessions.

  • Measures your entire upper body length
  • Detects pressure points for your back
  • Recognize your body curve and shapes
  • Yields custom back massages every time
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Patented 6 Roller Mechanism & Airbags

  • Patented 6 Rollers creates more human like massage experiences. Combined with 3D technology, you back massages can either be very intensive or soft.
  • Total of 38 airbags are strategically located on shoulders, back, arms, thighs, calves and feet to promote blood circulation and relaxation.
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity Position is the most ideal seating position to receive your massages because;

  • Equal Distribution of your body weight
  • Relieve pressure of your back
  • Relieve pressure of your leg and feet
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Enclosed Footrest

Enhanced Footrest wraps your calf & feet w/

  • Dual Calf Rollers
  • Triple Foot Rollers
  • Heal Shiatsu Pressure Pointer
  • Twist Action Calf Airbag Massage
  • Front Toe air Massage
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Foot Extension

ION-3D is designed to fit most people.

  • Additional 6 inches of extension
  • Light spring action will auto retract after each use
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

10 Auto Preset Programing

10 Preset Automatic Programs - 5 Regular & 5 Specialty programs including Yoga & Stretch

Relaxonchair Ion-3D massage chair

ION-3D Full Body Massage Chair (Champagne Gray)