MK-III Massage Chair

Relaxonchair Massage Chair


Sets new standards with latest technology and convenience features.

Newly designed with latest technologies that imitates true massage hands with Voice Commands, Bluetooth Speakers, Rubbing Calves Massages, Triple Foot Rollers and much more.



Curbside: $2,299.00 $3,499.00


The MK-III Special Features

Human Hand Like Mechanism

Newly developed massage mechanism mimics very much like human hands. Its pressure sensitive rollers gives you strong massages where it needs to at the same time gives you softer massages on spots where it is needed.

Relaxonchair massage chair 2nd Generation SL Track

Long SL Shaped Massage Track

Our 3rd gen. SL track is the longest and the best shaped to fit your back. Detailed curves along the track makes the massages very consistent in strength throughout your entire back from neck to your bottom.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Harmonious Full Body Air Massage

Total of 28 air bags covering your shoulders, arms, hands, calves and feet.

Upper body air bags (Shoulder & Arm) and Lower body air bags (Calves and feet) can be controlled independently with 3 levels of air bag intensities.

Space Saving Design & Zero Gravity Position

The massage chair slides toward the front as it reclines and slides backward as it inclines. This design makes the chair operable in very limited spaces. It requires only 2 inches away from the wall.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Lumber Heat Therapy

Massage sessions combined with lumber heat therapy will relax your muscle better than massages alone. Heat therapy will also promotes faster blood flows to your muscle resulting faster recovery.

Footrest Extension

The footrest can be extended up to 6 inches for taller users. The massage chair is designed to give the perfect massages every time for your entire family members.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

Connect your phone or music player via Bluetooth and add whatever you want to listen. Smooth relaxing jazz or heart beating Rock & Roll or even some weird podcast, the choice is yours.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Armrest Commander

For quick convenient way to enjoy the massage chair, use armrest commander buttons which give you following controls. Power On/Off, Back recline, Footrest up/down, Instant Zero Gravity position & Auto program start.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Phone/Remote Slot w/ USB Port

Even during the most comfortable & relaxing moments, we must have our phones near by no matter what.

Here is our answer....

Calf Rubbing Massage

Inner sides of calf massager is motorized to move in circular motion to create a rubbing action during calf air bag messages creating a unique massage experience for your calves.

Palm Shiatsu Massage Ball

Compared to other massages chairs that just provide arm air bag massages only, MK-III massage chair gives Palm Shiatsu Massage Balls which are located on the end of lower arm air bags on both sides to give you a unique palm massage experience.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Comfortable & Ample Seating

The chair needs to be comfortable! Getting in & out needs to be comfortable and easy. With ample middle section with wide shoulder area makes this chair on of the most comfortable chair on the market today.

Relaxonchair MK-V Plus massage chair Black

MK-III Full Body Massage Chair (Brown)