Repair Request

Your massage chairs are designed to give you many years of excellent performance. However like all machines, on rare occasions, you may encounter a malfunction or breakdown. We value your business and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

  • In order to better serve you, we have following guidelines and process.
  • In the event or breakdown, do not attempt to repair the chair by yourself. Repair should be done by authorized and trained technicians.
  • Only genuine parts by RELAXONCHAIR should be used. Other brand or non-genuine parts would void our warranty.

Overview of repair process

  1. Customer needs to fill out repair request below and submit the form.
  2. Our customer service team will review your request and contact you either via email or by phone to confirm your request and to diagnose issues with your massage chair.
  3. We will provide parts and labor according to the remainder of warranty coverage. If the repair is not covered under warranty, we will send you repair estimate for you to pay.
  4. After payment has been cleared, we will arrange repair process.
  5. A field service technician will call you to set up in-house visit for repair.
  6. A 2nd visit by service technician to complete repair if necessary.

Note: Step 3 to 5 can be done in a different order depending on individual cases. On a rare occasion, when a field service technician is not available, RELAXONCHAIR will provide alternative solutions to resolve issues.