RIO Massage Recliner Chair

Relaxonchair Massage Chair


Big Things Come in Small Packages.

The smallest chair in our line-up still packs a punch! The 2-in-1 design of a recliner and massage chair makes this chair a great choice.



Curbside: $1,499.00 $1,999.00

The RIO Special Features

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

2nd Generation SL-Track

  • Ergonomically re-designed to match your entire back for perfect back massages
  • Long SL-Track
  • Covers from your lower head to upper thigh area (Depends on upper body length) to your buttocks
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Built-in Remote Pad

  • 8 preset auto programs
  • Full control right under your finger tip
  • Full control of recline/incline
  • Full control of massage functions
  • Big size / Back-lit buttons
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Phone Pocket with Charging Port

  • Your phone goes everywhere you go and you need the phone right next to you all the time.
  • USB Charging Port for all of your devices.
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth speakers are located on your ear level for

  • Listening your favorite music
  • e-Books
  • YouTube videos, etc.

Lumber Heat Therapy

Zero Gravity Position is the most ideal seating position to receive your massages because;

  • 2 heating pads in lower back area that enhance the massage experience
  • Combined with back massage roller massage, your back muscle will heal faster

Space Saver Design

  • Wall clearance of 3.5 inches
  • It only adds 3.5 inches to the back length between inclined position to fully reclined position.
Relaxonchair Rio massage recliner chair coffee

RIO Massage Recliner Chair (Coffee)

Relaxonchair MK-Classic massage chair Gray

RIO Massage Recliner Chair (Black)