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Product & Tech

There are many benefits a massage chair has not only physically, but also mentally. Pain and stress relief just to name a few. Blood circulation is also a reason why you might need a massage chair. Many of us are constantly sitting down at a desk or in a stagnant state, which slows blood flow. Usage of a massage chair will increase circulation, ultimately leading to greater work output and overall healthier body. Consult with a medical professional if there are any severe injuries or problems before buying a chair.

RELAXONCHAIR provides lower cost without compromising quality, convenience, and comfort. Many competitors like to jack their prices all the way oversaturating the market. Without proper knowledge and research into massage chairs, customers can easily be swayed into spending more when they can get more for a lot less. We also provide the best customer service we can to insure customer satisfaction.

Zero gravity is a state of reclined posture that is beneficial for your ultimate relaxation. A little bit of science lesson here, but when astronauts are seated for lift-off to space, they are seated in this position so they can endure the increasingly amount of stress their bodies will face as they leave Earth's gravitational pull. This position allows the weight of their body to be evenly distributed to manage the stress in a safe and harmless way. Similarly, this concept has been applied to our RELAONCHAIR massage chairs to allow an even distribution of your body weight. Sink into relaxation and bliss as this reclined posture also promotes circulation in the legs and helps reduce swelling as they are elevated over the heart, allowing your heart to work less. Additionally, the full contact your back has with the chair's backrest allows the L-Track Buttock system to cover every inch of your spine and apply adequate pressure, one you may not receive wholly if you were seated upright.

Traditional massage chairs have movement going up and down the back, which is considered 2D. 3D roller technology allows the rollers to move forward and back providing a different sensation to one’s massage. The forward and back motion will massage at unique angles allowing more areas of your body to be healed and relieved.

The Buttock L-Tracking Massage System is a system in which rollers glide from the upper back all the way down, under the seat. This new rolling system provides a full body massage unlike the cheaper 8-point massage system, which only repeatedly massages one area. Read more information on How it Works


We are partnered with an amazing delivery company who provides the safest and quickest delivery.

Curbside delivery includes free delivery to curbside of residence only. Neither the driver nor the company is responsible for bringing in the chair to the customer’s home. Delivery Company will contact you to set up a delivery appointment. Signature will be required when delivered.

White Glove delivery includes a 2 man delivery team to deliver and assemble the chair in the desired room of the customer for an extra charge. Any trash or packaging will be thrown out by the team. Delivery Company will contact you to set up a delivery appointment. Signature will be required when delivered.

Warranty & Return

We have a 3 year limited warranty. Click here for more information on our warranty.

We have 30 days No Questions asked return policy. Click here for more information about our return policy.

Give us a call or email us at 866-647-3496, or fill out a warranty claim if you have registered a warranty card with us.

Yes! We have technicians across the U.S. ready assist our customers at any moment. Just give us a call or email so that we may assist you with any problems or questions.

Handing & Use

Our chairs require at least 31-32" of doorway clearance. If less than 31" the MK-Classic and MK- V models have removable shoulder panels to fit through narrow doorways. Please contact us at 866-647-3496 for more details.

RELAXONCHAIR chairs require a wall clearance of 16.5” and as low as 3.5”. Please refer to each chair’s specifications for the exact requirement or contact us if there are any questions.

Yes all of our chairs come with a heat function

RELAXONCHIAR chairs are built to fit users up to 6’5”. Please call or email us if you have any further questions regarding this.

Yes and No. The MK-Classic comes fully assembled. The MK-II Plus, MK-V, and MK-ION 3D require minimal assembly (chairs come with a manual on how to assemble). Assembly is easy and quick so that customers may enjoy a RELAXONCHIAR chair right away.

Yes. It can extend another 6 inches to accommodate taller individuals.

Each chair has its unique maximum weight load. Please refer to chair specifications in the shop page.

RELAXONCHAIR products are designed so that they last for years. Purchasing a chair is investing into one’s long-term well-being.

All our chairs are made with synthetic leather. To clean, simply use a damp cloth or towel to wipe down the chair and then dry the chair with another cloth or towel. Avoid using any alcohol or oil based cleaners in order to prevent color change and or breakage of the leather.

Store the remote away from any potentially hazardous material or person such as pets or children. Please make sure to unplug and safely put away the remote when moving the chair.

We recommend using the chair between 5-30 minutes. Our automatic programs are set up between those time frames, so one a usage of one auto program is what we recommend. User discretion is advised. If there is any pain or discomfort, stop and assess what alterations need to be made.

For those who are not used to getting massages, the first few experiences might be slightly discomforting and even painful, but as you continue to use the chair your body will adjust to the pain. The more you use the chair the more comfortable and relaxing it will be. It is natural for the body to be sore after the first few uses.

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