MK-V PLUS Massage Chair

Relaxonchair Massage Chair


Quality Massages Guaranteed to Make You Want More.

Firm massages, comfortable padding, and a wealth of features to satisfy your massage needs.



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The MK-V Plus Special Features

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

2nd Generation L-Track

Ergonomically redesigned L-track Rail contours your back like never before. With our high quality synthetic leather cushion, you can feel the difference the moment you sit on the chair. Our L-track is currently the longest L-track in the market today. It is 50 inches long from your lower back skull area to your buttocks and beyond to the upper thigh area.

Relaxonchair massage chair 2nd Generation SL Track

Patented 6 Roller Back Massage

Patented 6 back roller massage mechanism specially designed to give you more personal human like massages. Rollers are firm and solid yet very gentle to your muscles.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Intelligent Body Scanning

2nd gen. built in body scanning technology automatically scans your body from your shoulder to buttocks measuring your entire upper body for more accurate massage points. It knows precisely where acupressure points are located throughout your body.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

9 Preset Automatic Programs

  • 5 Regular programs (Recovery, Pain relief, Stretch, Yoga & Experience)
  • 4 Additional Special Program (Relax mode, Sleep mode, Neck-shoulder, Back-waist)
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Full Control of Manual Massages

  • 5 Key Massage Techniques (Kneading, Tapping, Kneading Tapping Combo, Shiatsu & Rolling)
  • 3 levels of width & speed control
  • Targeted Area Massages including Spot Massage
Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Lower Lumbar Heat Therapy

Warm gentle heat therapy for your back helps promote blood circulation so your tired muscles will heal faster.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Air Massage System

38 total air bags strategically located on arms, shoulders, upper thigh, calves and feet. There are 3 levels of air bag intensity control to select from.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Dual Foot Roller w/ Heel Acupressure

Dual roller system for your tired soles that rotate forward and backward with acupressure points for a deeper massage. Also features heel acupressure pointer for faster recovery of your feet.

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

30 Minute Timer

Default set of 15 minutes for each massage session, but can be extended up to 30 minutes of continuous uninterrupted massages

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Foot Rest Extension

Foot rest can be extended up to another 6 inches to accommodate taller users or longer legs. Foot rest extension is by spring loaded

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Space Saver Design

Typical massage chairs require at least 12 inches or more space in the back for chair to fully recline. This chair requires far less because of its unique and sleek design

Relaxonchair Massage Chair Feature

Built-In Quality

This product is made with topnotch engineering and high grade materials. This is to ensure the product's durability and longevity, as well as ensuring its optimal performance during each and every usage. Every component and part of this chair is designed to promote relaxation and is handled with great care and attention to satisfy the user and to uphold exceptional standards.

Relaxonchair MK-V Plus massage chair Black

MK-V Plus Full Body Massage Chair (Black)

Relaxonchair MK-V Plus massage chair Gray

MK-V Plus Full Body Massage Chair (Gray)