What makes a Relaxonchair Massage chair so great?

How to buy massage chair
Each Relaxonchair Massage Chair consists of 4 categorical main features. The type of massage, the amount of pressure, the body positioning and heating. Each contributes greatly to the quality and healing of your body from a massage.

Firstly, Relaxonchair offers 5 different types of massages. Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, and a combination of kneading and tapping (Dual). The combination of massage type and amount of pressure is vital to the effectiveness of a massage. The basis of a massage is to 1) direct venous and lymphatic flow back toward your heart to ease blood flow and circulation and 2) to stretch and relax tight muscle fibers that may be causing pain. These two effects allow fresh blood and nutrients to navigate throughout your body and help you feel relieved and energized. 

Massage Techniques

Relaxonchair Shiatsu


Shiatsu is a form of massage, in Japanese it means, "finger pressure," which involves gentle manipulations and stretches combined with pressure to relieve of any muscle tension, easy blood flow and relaxation.

Relaxonchair Tapping


Tapping is a massage technique that is much more gentle and usually performed for relatively short periods of time before moving on to the next movement of the sequence. This technique is often used for smaller areas of your body and for delicate areas.

Relaxonchair Kneading


Kneading is a massage technique in which pressure is applied to superficial and deep tissues to treat tight muscles, increase flexibility and decrease pain by breaking down and realigning the collagen fibers in your muscle. This technique can also produce a therapeutic response to help reduce emotions of stress and anxiety.

Relaxonchair Knocking


Knocking is a massage technique that repeatedly applies pressure on the back area using the ‘Knocking’ motion. The sequence is continuous and comes in short pulses affecting your back muscles to relax.

Relaxonchair Kneading & Tapping

Kneading & Tapping

Kneading & Tapping is a massage technique that combines tapping and kneading techniques. This technique will decrease pain in a gentle motion with burst pulses on the back areas. This technique is used to break down the tension on the back and as well as relaxation in a therapeutic manner.


Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is a state of reclined posture that is beneficial for your ultimate relaxation. A little bit of science lesson here, but when astronauts are seated for lift-off to space, they are seated in this position so they can endure the increasingly amount of stress their bodies will face as they leave Earth's gravitational pull. This position allows the weight of their body to be evenly distributed to manage the stress in a safe and harmless way. Similarly, this concept has been applied to our Relaxonchair massage chairs to allow an even distribution of your body weight. Sink into relaxation and bliss as this reclined posture also promotes circulation in the legs and helps reduce swelling as they are elevated over the heart, allowing your heart to work less. Additionally, the full contact your back has with the chair's backrest allows the L-Track Buttock system to cover every inch of your spine and apply adequate pressure, one you may not receive wholly if you were seated upright.

Relaxonchair True Zero Gravity Position, 3 Stage Zero Gravity Technology

L-Track Buttock System

Finally, it is important to have a massage chair with an L-track system, not a fixed point massage system. This is crucial. Many lower quality, budget massage chairs feature an 4 or 8 fixed point massage system that instead of moving the roller up and down your body, it simply rotates, increases or decreases pressure on the specific area constantly. While this is helpful in the beginning, constant pressure and strain on a specific area of the body without change in area and strength can lead to long term negative effects. This is also why most 8-point ball rolling systems are cheaper and ultimately do not last a very long time. Do yourself a favor and invest in a massage chair that will last and more importantly, give you relief from pain, not create new problems!

Relaxonchair L-Track Massage System, Relaxonchair Full Body Air Massage System


A massage chair is essentially a device that mimics the human touch of a massage to provide relief in back aches, soreness, relieve stress, improve range of motion, and increase blood circulation.
Another huge benefit of an actual massage chair is being able to utilize it at the user’s convenience without the hefty appointment costs and time consuming scheduling, etc. The ability to have a top quality massage at the comfort of your own home is a huge relief to most.
Studies have shown that massages also help cancer patients relax and feel more positive about their bodies.
Massages also reduce pain, fatigue nausea, anxiety and depression, and when getting an actual massage by someone is not a viable option due to transportation or accessibility, a high-quality Relaxonchair is the next best thing.

Relaxonchair Cost for Fair Price and Top-Quality Relief

We understand the pain and relief you seek after all the stress your body endured throughout the day. We’ve gone to great lengths in finding the perfect technology, perfect material and affordable costs so that you will be able to experience the same sweet relaxation again and again. All our chairs are FDA registered medical device.  You will be sitting on a premium massage chair that has no unnecessary fluff, no extra fees and especially no ridiculous high market prices. Relaxonchair helps you get the relief you deserve.