Calf Pain & Massage Chair

calf pain and massage chair

Calf pain typically refers to the discomfort or injury on the muscle located at the back side of the lower half of the leg. Just like most parts of the body, the calves are made up of muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels, so all of these areas are subject to injury and other conditions that could be painful.

Causes of Calf Pain

Usually, calf muscle injuries are not serious. Most can be prevented and treated with self-care and lifestyle changes. However, infectious diseases, blood circulation problems, and other abnormal processes can also affect the calf.

Massaging Calf Pain

Most massage chairs nowadays have some form of leg massager. The calf massage feature is available on most massage chairs. Your body’s calf muscles are crucial for daily tasks like walking, so having them in good shape is a good way to prevent discomforts throughout daily life. Most calf massagers on massage chairs feature airbags meant to apply compression to the calf. This, in turn, gets blood circulating in the calf and feet, which expedites material exchange, and promotes recovery. From there, some massage chairs have the addition of rollers on the backs of calf muscles to further massage calf muscles while being compressed in conjunction with airbags. Yet some of the more high-end massage chairs also feature movement into the calf airbags. This allows for a more thorough and deep calf massage. The massage chair is able to imitate hand movements on your calves with the rollers and air bags, creating more pressure on your muscles, which promotes blood circulation. We use these muscles daily, so we should take proper care of them.