Why Massage Chairs with Zero-Gravity are Better than Normal Recliners

Zero-Gravity, also known as 0-gravity, anti-gravity, or neutral posture, is a function that many massage chairs feature nowadays. But we often get asked what it means, and what its point is supposed to be. Well we hope to answer that question with our insight on massage chairs.

Zero-Gravity, or Neutral Position, is a position in which the user of the massage chair lies faces up. It is thought to mimic the position that astronauts use when flying towards space, allowing for a distribution of pressure throughout the body as they leave the atmosphere—hence why it is called Zero-Gravity. By placing the user’s body in that position, gravity now has an even distribution along the body, while standing or sitting would cause all the pressure to be placed upon your spine and lower half of the body. This, in turn, allows the muscles to relax and loosen up, preventing injuries or traumas.

Many chairs now feature Zero-Gravity due to its ability to create a more effective massage. If we take for example a recliner, it allows your body to relax while laying back because all the effects of gravity have become distributed instead of being centralized. This key reason is what makes Zero-Gravity massage chairs so great; they take the purpose of the recline and use it to deliver a powerful, effective massage. With this in mind, the massage chair is able to work on more relaxed muscles due to this position and the benefits it can provide.

This is why Zero-Gravity is a huge factor in what makes massage chairs work so well, and how a small function like reclining can make a huge impact on the quality and feel of the chair.