Redefining Massage Chairs: 4D Technology

After the success of the ION-3D, we decided it was time to start something new. We, at Relaxonchair, began the process of thinking and brainstorming how a massage could be improved. With the introduction of 3D technology, the massage chair market has greatly increased in terms of the quality of massages, allowing us to bridge the gap between human and machine massages. But there was always something that told us it could be even better.

And we can be proud to say that we found that answer with the introduction of 4D technology. However, you might be asking yourself: what is 4D, and what makes it better than 3D?

Well, 4D is the protrusion of the mechanism in addition to the protrusion of the rollers. By allowing the mechanism to also protrude outwards, it lets the mechanism push out the top and/or bottom rollers in variation by use of pumps to change the mechanism position, creating a more human-like massage with the use of varying positions and pressures against your back. These simultaneous movements give the back rollers the ability to improve their technique’s effectiveness, creating a degree of deep tissue and variation that only human hands could be capable of.

This is the reason why 4D is better than 3D. 3D technology changed the market by allowing for the rollers to protrude from the mechanism, allowing for deep tissue massages, but 4D takes it a bit further, allowing the mechanism to give a powerful, human-like massage. If you thought 3D massage chairs were great, 4D massage chairs elevate it just that much higher. Experience a greater massage with 4D technology.