Scam Warning

Scam Warning Statement from RELAXONCHAIR
Lately, our company have noticed scam websites on facebook and other social media pretending to be an authorized retailer for our products.  These scam websites use our copyrighted materials and logos and sell our products at 70%-90% off of our regular prices.
We do not wholesale our products to any other retailer or online shopping sites.  There are only 3 genuine marketplaces that sells our genuine products.  These are,, and our official website,  We do not sell our products in anywhere else on facebook or other social medias, etc.  We do advertise on social medias such as facebook, instagram, tweeter, etc.  However, these advertisement always lead you to our own genuine website, and nowhere else.
Plus we do not sell our products at these deep discounted prices because simply we do not mark up our profit to offer 70-90% discounts on every massage chair that we sell.  We are direct manufacturer of our own products and we sell direct to consumers with deep discounted price from the beginning by getting rid of middlemen.
We also usually ship our orders in the same day or the next day.  We do not let our customers wait for the products in extended period of time.  If you have placed an order from other than those 3 marketplace above, please call your credit card company to report as fraud charge.
Do not be fooled by scam websites and always order our products at authorized marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart or our website,
Thank you.
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