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6 Month owner ION-3D

I wanted to wait a while before giving a review. After 6 months of my wife and I along with family and friends using this chair daily I would gladly give it 5 stars. For the money (though not cheap) it had all the bells and whistles of the more expensive chairs and more than the lower cost chairs such as the S\L track, zero gravity, leg extension, shoulder/arm and leg massage. I'm 6'4" 230lbs and am very comfortable. We did have a small problem a month ago. The customer service was excellent in quickly resolving this which is another reason why the 5 stars (Hey, it's a machine, things can happen). The things I read in the other reviews are mainly correct. The chair comes on a pallet in 3 pieces and is very heavy. While assembling I recommend not only reading the manual but having a laptop nearby to watch their helpful video. I was careful and took almost 2 hours to assemble. If I were to do it again, probably 50 minutes including the unpacking. The leg extension has 2 springs which add a lot of tension pushing the legs back. One can easily unhook one of the springs and it's perfect. As with other reviews I wish the controller had a memory button for the manual settings but this is a minor want. After 6 months we are very glad we purchased the ION-3D. My daughter will also be purchasing one. Best wishes.

Floating in heaven

Not a day passed by since we got the chair that my husband and 3 kids wont be swarming over it. It is just feel sooo good. I am so glad I purchase this ion chair. This makes our day now 😍😍😍


ION-3D Full Body Massage Chair (Champagne Gray)


ION-3D Full Body Massage Chair (Champagne Gray)

Good chair

This chair was a little overpriced for the capabilities. The high arm air bags were literally ineffective. I weigh 230lbs and the bag barely touches my arm. About the pressure 1/4 pound. I also find that my legs are not pushed out of the massage area so I do not get a calf massage. The rest of the massage is great. Love the functions and choices

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