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Floating in heaven

Not a day passed by since we got the chair that my husband and 3 kids wont be swarming over it. It is just feel sooo good. I am so glad I purchase this ion chair. This makes our day now 😍😍😍

Great Massage Chair, Uncomfortable Recliner!

The RIO is an excellent Massage chair. I was very pleased with that aspect. I wish they included a description of the preprogrammed massage options along with their time duration. There is very little information included with the documentation provided. As a relaxing recliner it is disappointing. I find it very uncomfortable to spend any time, other than for a very good massage, in this chair. Buy it as an excellent massage chair that doesn't need it own room sizewise, but not to use as a recliner.

Like the Chair - But...

A little surprised how noisy it is when operating. Sounds like clicking and clacking. Do you think something was damaged in transit?


I’ve only had my chair for 5 days now and am still learning the different functions but so far I really like he chair. I have spondylitis in my lower back so that is what I tend to focus on. While the pre programmed are wonderful I like that there is a manual option so you can pick your focus point, speed, intensity and type of massage you want. Some people have said the foot rollers hurt their feet, I have not had that experience, the only downside I have found is that I don’t think there is any massage for your thighs. I’m still learning all the manual options but would highly recommend this chair. People have been concerned about getting the chair in their house as it is extremely heavy but we were fortunate that we had a considerate delivery man. We did not buy the white glove delivery since this chair is fully assembled. We have a gravel drive which is not easy to roll on but he brought it right up to the door and then placed it inside for me. Don’t know if it’s just where we live that people are considerate of if it is the shipping company they use, either way it was a pleasant buying experience from shopping to delivery.

I’ve had my MK classic 4yrs

Best investment I made for myself and family. I was in construction 35 yrs and It takes a toll on your body, I just got out of my chair , I had a knot right under my shoulder blade that was bothering me for a couple days . I used some of the manual setting and isolated that area. What a relief , it feels great. I’m 58 years old, love to golf and fish and this chair has been a godsend. My pops who’s 83 loves this chair , It helps keep him on the golf course more often. As the title said I’ve had it for 4 yrs, and the only problem I’ve had was the remote control ( wiring crimped). Relaxon fix it for free but I bought another one for a spare. We use this chair daily .My only regret is I didn’t get one when I was 30


The new remote control for my Relaxonchair works perfectly, my back and neck thank you 😘

Great chair!

I love this chair! I highly recommend!

Remote controller mk11 plus

Arrived earlier than expected. Exactly what we needed.

great chair, we love. shipping was very fast even for christmas season.

Very Good Chair

My 20 year old chair broke so I bought this one. I like it a lot and think it is a great value. This is their least expensive model so it doesn't have everything their more expensive chairs have. Any shortcomings I mention are not complaints. I got what I paid for. It does almost everything you would expect. The chair looks good and does not look cheap. I wish I had bought one that massages my calf area. They suggest not leaving it plugged in. I wish there was something to wrap the cord around since it can't be tucked under the chair. The waist area is a bit snug so make sure you can fit in it. I compared warranties since some chairs I researched had repair issues and getting a chair to a technician is almost impossible. This was one of the best warranties I have seen. Overall, I do recommend this chair.

ION-3D Full Body Massage Chair (Champagne Gray)

ION-3D Full Body Massage Chair (Champagne Gray)

Massage chair

I gave this chair to my husband for Christmas. It came early so we've both enjoyed using it. After using it just one time it has helped me sleep better than I have slept in years. Wish I had gotten it a long time ago.

Love the Massage, But...

The massage features exceed my expectations in my first use. Very deep and very thorough! Its use as an all-purpose recliner does not.

One hour after it was delivered (it only took 3 business days to get here!) I had unpacked it and placed it in my living room. Half an hour after that I had completed my first programmed massage. It was heavenly.

I then sat in it for the rest of the day and again the next morning before determining that it will not replace my rocker recliner. It is too lumpy and too confining for lounging in for hours.

So I am disappointed but not dissatisfied. It's a great little massage chair and a good recliner for occasional use.

Good chair

This chair was a little overpriced for the capabilities. The high arm air bags were literally ineffective. I weigh 230lbs and the bag barely touches my arm. About the pressure 1/4 pound. I also find that my legs are not pushed out of the massage area so I do not get a calf massage. The rest of the massage is great. Love the functions and choices

Great Chair

Thoroughly enjoying my massage chair use it every day

They love it!

I ordered this chair for my father-in-law to give to his wife for Christmas. They love it!

Enjoying the chair!

Enjoying the chair and arrived in good condition. Really wish I could customize the remote to quickly change between modes without having to go into the mode menu. would any other remotes that have that feature work with this model?

Also, would like to have a some custom programs to save. Seams like these things should be achievable with firmware update in the future.

Chair is Amazing!

The chair is amazing! This one is a replacement chair that we had for over 10 years, (it still works just the fabric is worn out). We purchased the floor model (HumanTouch brand) when Sharper Image went out of business.

The new Relaxon does the same function but even more. And it fits my 6'4" husband.

Great Chair

I really like My MK-Classic Full Massage Chair with Built Heating and Air Massage System. So far, I have used it every day. Some muscle and joint issues have experienced relief and I think it has helped my lymphatic system as evidenced by reduced swelling in my lower legs. Hopefully the chair will last for several years.


WE GOT THIS AMAZING CHAIR AUGUST 22ND 2019 AND JUST KEEP USING IT. We looked for a perfect chair. Because we live in Maui Hawaii it was hard finding a company to ship without it costing more than the chair it self to ship. Thanks to Relax-on-chair we could make it work and are we ever happy even with the added shipping cost we are so, so, so pleased. From the initial contact of the person at Relaxonchair to the delivery it worked out perfect. The two young men that delivered was the BEST. Now we get to enjoy many years of massages in our own home. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT.

Wife’s chair

My wife is very happy with it it makes her back feel better that helps her legs and also helps her neck my wife is 80 and it’s the best thing she found that helps her feel better I am glad that I made the purchase of very reasonable price for the product thank you

Very Happy!

I’m 88 years and I use my chair everyday. I’ve noticed I sleep better and I can get around easier with no sore muscles. I recommend it to everyone.

Solid Purchase

Chair is great for the money
Have used other chairs in furniture stores that cost a lot more. This chair massages as good and better

Best chair ever

Great massage chair. Highly recommend it. It helped my wife's back problem go away. My brother and father are going to buy one after trying mine

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